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Global Odia Diaspora

Odias have formed communities around the world with the common link between them. Our rich culture, heritage and character we feel proud and celebrate our togetherness through various events to cherish the memories from our mother land. We also join hands to contribute to various social causes, emergency reliefs and many more to build a global image of Odisha.

All Russia Odia Samaj (AROS)

Russia was cut off from rest of the world for a long time but India had a very friendly relationship with Russia since independence, Odias staying Russia are small in number. We formed All Russia Odia Samaj (AROS) in 1996 and since then we celebrate several Odia festivals together. Utkal Dibas is considered as our annual function. Every year we spend first weekend of April in one of the resorts near Moscow. Odisha, Sambalpuri dance, Odia songs, food and sweets remind us of our motherland.

The migration of Oriyas to Australia started around 30-35 years ago. Only in the last 7-8 years however, we have seen a significant growth in our numbers. As we were experiencing this growth in migration from Orissa to Australia, the idea of creating our own community identity in this country started floating around back in 1998-99. Orioz Inc has a federal structure with 6 state chapters. Orioz has a strong focus in promoting Odia culture, art, language while contributing to various causes of wider diaspora. Have been contributing to several local, national and matters in Odisha/India through different platforms.

The Odia Socio Cultural Association Netherlands (OSCAN) was started in 2017, by a group of likeminded individuals aiming to connect people in the Netherlands who called Odisha their home.
Since 2017, OSCAN has organised cultural events like Utkala Divas, Kartika Purnima etc that helped connect over 300 people in the Netherlands. These events provided a forum which brought together people from all over the Netherlands who either identified with or were interested in exploring the ‘Odia culture’.
Besides cultural events OSCAN helps with charity work in difficult situations like Fani Super Cyclone. We contributed to the CM’s relief fund as well as distributed clothes among the distressed people. OSCAN is a registered non-profit organization (Stichting) with the Netherlands Government.

Odisha Samaj UAE (OSUAE) is a Social Organization comprising of people from the state of Odisha, India who are residing in the UAE. Being active for over a decade now, OSUAE today is the largest association of Non-Resident Odias across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. OSUAE is very active in the social and cultural realm and organizes many socio-cultural events and get-togethers every year. It is also involved in helping the Odia fraternity, both in UAE and Odisha.   OSUAE has been organising several festivals (Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra & Sri Ganesh Puja) and cultural events. ‘Odisha Day’ celebrations are the major event and the entire community joins us (with special invitees from the Odia Associations of nearby countries) in celebrating it. Local talent (both adults and kids) are involved in our functions and we provide a platform for them to showcase their talents and abilities. Competitions for kids, picnics etc. are also organised and these increase the level of bonding that the community has. In addition to this, OSUAE also regularly organises Blood Donation camps and Medical check-up camps as a part of its social outreach initiatives. OSUAE is also recognised body of Odias in UAE, by The Govt. of India and Govt. of Odisha and has been volunteering actively in the Indian consulate in Dubai for years now.

Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi (OSA)

"Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi" (OSA) has been working as a non-profit, non-political, non-religious voluntary organisation to serve Odia community and provide a mutually supportive environment for the better interaction of Odia expatriates residing in the UAE, through friendship and fellowship. OSA aims to pursue excellence in promotion and propagation of Odia culture and traditions and to broaden the visibility of Odia culture in the distant land by bringing together all people interested in Odisha, through socio-cultural events and social work in terms of supporting poor and needy people back home and in the UAE with sustainability and integrity with a motto – "ଓସା ର କ୍ଷୁଦ୍ର ପ୍ରୟାସ, ଓଡ଼ିଆ ମୁହଁରେ ହସ" l Over the years, OSA has grown from strength to strength and will continue to make relentless efforts to spread the rich cultural heritage of our motherland overseas. Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi (OSA) has been extending all possible help to its diaspora and standing beside them during the challenging time. OSA has arranged chartered flights of their own and “Vande Bharat mission” flights to repatriate 2000+ stranded and distressed Odias and supported the families of COVID-19 deceased and needy Odias for their survival till their repatriation, etc. during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. OSA members extended their generous contribution to PM CARE fund and CMRF to support the government’s mission to fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The support and contribution of OSA’s members was also well appreciated in bringing smiles on the face of FANI cyclone affected people last year.

India Japan Friendship Center

INDIA-JAPAN FRIENDSHIP CENTER (Japan), a non political, non profit making , non government organization came into being in the year 2002 duly registered under the government of Japan to connect India & Japan in various fields like Culture, Education, Tourism & Commerce and there by promote each other's heritage & good will converging resources of either side. Realizing the essence of education, in the year 2004 we opened a CBSE school in the name Chandra Sekhar Academy in Puri, Odisha which has been the only school in the state where Japanese language & culture is imparted as a regular subject from LKG to Senior Secondary (+2) level. To help out the children of Indian & Odia expats staying in western Japan , we've been running a sister concern of Chandra Sekhar Academy in Kyoto, Japan since 2018 which has been the first ever Indian based English medium school in Kansai region, western Japan. For the Indian & Odia diaspora we have introduced Hindi & Odia as regular subjects. The school breaks with prayer & yoga in the morning assembly. The NPO aims at uniting Odia diaspora across the length & breadth of Japan & so has formed a group 'Odisha in Japan' under the auspices of India-Japan Friendship Center (JP) primarily to make them feel secured & to help out each other during tsunami, cyclone & earthquake . Apart from these, we organize seminars & concerts on various topics to discuss issues that helps us to achieve new heights. We celebrate festivals amidst fervour & enchantment to pass them to our offsprings. We organize Odissi, Gotipua & Mahari dances including Sand Art & Animation to keep pace with our rich heritage and also prepare Odia foods & sweets to remind us of our motherland.

Utkalika, The Odia Society in Qatar

UTKALIKA, Qatar is a socio-cultural organization in Qatar, affiliated to the Indian Cultural Centre under the aegis of the Embassy of India. It represents the vibrant Odia society of the eastern state of Odisha and is actively involved in social, cultural and philanthropic activities in Doha, Qatar. Utkalika emphasizes on developing brotherhood and harmony among all communities in Qatar. It also emphasizes on showcasing rich culture and traditions of Odisha.

Pravasi Odia, Thailand

Pravasi Odia is part of Pravasi Kalinga Mitra Samaj, founded by Dr.Adrish Brahmadatta an Odia of Thailand in Aug 2017.This is a society of Odias of Odisha, who lives away from Odisha. Even for them, who loves Odisha culture, food, textile, paintings, architect, language etc. The main objective of this Society is to connect people from various foreign culture to Odisha Culture. And to share information, knowledge, find out roots of ancient Kalinga & to build up friendship between the present cultures with Odisha. Activity: Pravasi Kalinga Mitra Samaj made 3 trips to Odisha for charity and to understand Odisha Culture since 2017. Where people from Thailand, Switzerland, Italy & Nepal accompanied. We have been selected to support Vivek Bharati Sevashram, Oupada, Bhadrak, Odisha. Mainly invite overseas friends to Odia traditional Villages, ancient temples, Hindu-Buddhist monuments & Odisha beaches

Malaysia Odia Community

The Malaysia Odia Community is an apolitical, non-profit and voluntary group formed to provide a platform for promoting cultural and social activities beyond Odisha. This community caters to bringing the Odishan culture and tradition followed in our homeland. The group came into existence with the support of all the Odia expatriates working in Malaysia. Currently, we have more than a hundred families who are residing in Malaysia and working in different sectors of the work force. Our numbers are rapidly increasing. Some of the prominent sectors that our Odia brothers and sisters are currently working in, are ranging from Information and Communications technology, tertiary education, Insurance, maritime, Oil and gas, banking, logistics, entrepreneurship, health care, to food and beverage, etc. We are indeed proud of our Malaysian existence originating from the same Odishan roots. The purpose of this community is not only to promote our culture but also to engage in community service. We are gearing towards helping the local Odia community as well as those in need back home in Odisha. Being in its infancy, we are slowly garnering strength to accomplish our mission.

Formed from the desire to foster strong connections and relationships between one another, the Odia Society of Singapore (OSS) dates back to over a decade. With a core purpose of preserving and maintaining connections with Odisha and easing the adjustment of the Odia community in Singapore, the Society strives to encourage and appreciate art and culture of the region. Acting as an additional resource centre for Odias in Singapore, OSS provides a platform for trade, entrepreneurial and professional networking amongst Odias globally. Over the years, the Society has delivered on its mission by organising various networking events, cultural programs and art exhibitions, many of which were graced by dignitaries like Sri Baijyayant Panda, Sri Aurobindo Muduli, Sri Krishna Beura and Smt. Pratibha Ray. To name a few events from the past, OSS has organised: - Talks on Lord Jagannatha Presented by Gajapati Maharaja Dibya Singha Deb and Sri Sambit Patra - Spandan A virtual music and cultural concert, presented by Bhajan Singer Sri Aurobindo Muduli - Walk-A-Thon Community initiative to promote healthier lifestyle While the global pandemic affected many of the physical activities and events annually organised by the Society, OSS has been successful in continuing the celebration of cultural occasions such as Utkal Divas, Kumar Purnima, Raja and Deepavali even through a virtual medium. Not only were the events well-executed, the response rates and support of members was immense, with hundreds of individuals joining us to enjoy the festivals from the comforts of their homes. The unexpected situation faced by the global community resulted in the emergence of a new charity initiative by the Society members, in an attempt to ease the burden on the migrant workers in Singapore and spread some joy. Support in the form of monthly amenities distribution, meals and English-language mentoring sessions were provided, with funds raised through targeted donation drives. The impact by the Society has not just been appreciated by the workers themselves, but has also caught the eyes of the High Commissioner of India, who has acknowledged such efforts.

Bahrain Odia Samaj

Informally established in the year 1997, the objective of Bahrain Odia Samaj is to connect people of Odia origin or bring together those connected with the socio-cultural affairs of the state of Odisha and living in and around the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We aim to promote socio-cultural activities imbibing the spirit of national integration. The association is involved in promoting intellectual, spiritual, moral, artistic, social, educational and cultural advancement of members and also in the overall interest of Odia community.

Bahrain Odia Samaj was founded by Dr. Arun Kumar Praharaj. The management and operation of the Samaj is professionally and efficiently managed by the Executive Committee in coordination with the Founder for various socio-cultural activities under the aegis of the Embassy of India, Kingdom of Bahrain. The beauty of the organisation is that all members hold equal ranks and significance and they enjoy exemplary unity and harmony to achieve the objectives of the society. The Bahrain Odia Samaj is one of the most vibrantly active communities of the Kingdom of Bahrain and has earned many accolades for preserving and showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Odisha to the world. More recently, during the repatriation of Odia People from Bahrain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Samaj has played an extraordinary role in taking care of the distressed Odia migrant workers and liaising with various authorities of the State, Central Government of India, Government of Bahrain, Air India and the Embassy of India. Their efforts and support were deeply appreciated by the relevant authorities as well as Governments.

Irish Odia Association (IOA)

The Irish Odia Association(IOA) is a non-profit voluntary organization based in the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. IOA celebrates various Odia festivals annually and encourages participation by members and well wishers at these events. IOA organizes celebrations for three festivals every year: Utkal Divas, Boita Bandana Utsav and hosts a Raja festival picnic in summer. IOA has no hierarchical structure and is open to any one interested in Odia culture or literature. Objective: To preserve and maintain the cultural heritage of the people of Odia origin in the Ireland & Northern Ireland Area. To assist and promote cultural, literary, educational, social, and community affairs of the people of Odia origin in the Ireland & Northern Ireland Area. To form a support group for fellow Odias, needing assistance in the community. To organize and promote Odia cultural, literary and educational events in the Ireland & Northern Ireland area. IOA solicits your support in pursuit of its mission.

Kuwait Odia Association (KOA)

Kuwait Odisha Association (KOA), a socio-cultural body, registered with Indian Embassy Kuwait since 1989. Kuwait Odisha Association (KOA) having reached its strong 3000 personnel presence was founded in the year 1986 by the Indian expatriates hailing from the state of Odisha. It is one of the oldest community organization of Kuwait. The sole aim of the association is to remember Odisha and its Odia Cultural heritage and make our younger generation abreast of their root. KOA, conducts several functions/programs round the year for it's community people like, Celebration of Raja, Ganesh Puja, Dusehera, Kumar Purnima, Boita Bandana Parba, Pakhala Divasa, Holi, Pana Sankranti, Utkal Divas, Annual Sports meet for the children and families, Annual Picnic, Several competitions for Kids on various themes related to Odisha and it's culture. KOA is the only community organization here in Kuwait conducting Annual Cricket tournament for Indian community for last 17 years continuously. Monthly Jagannath Patha Chakra is another major event that binds all Odias here in Kuwait as one family at large. KOA, always works in synergy with the Indian Embassy Kuwait for relief related works in India as well as supports actively relief works of govt of Odisha. During the current pandemic, KOA supported 600+ Odias in distress to return to our homeland through charter as well VBM flights by providing them Financial assistance. Also, it supported many Odias as well as Indians for their daily needs as a part of it's social responsibility. Uniqueness of KOA is any Odia landing in Kuwait becomes it's member by default.

Odia Network of Entrepreneurs, India

Vande Utkal Foundation, India

Utkal is the earlier name of Odisha. Utkal means the land of Excellence. The Sole motto of Vande Utkal Foundation is to Celebrate the essence of the Land of excellence across the Globe. Odisha has rich mineral, human, spiritual, marine and forest resources. The State is endowed with a golden history, strategic geography, proud tradition and unblemished ethos. The art, culture, architecture, handicrafts, handlooms and stone carving of Odisha are all vivacious and vibrant in nature. The language and literature are superbly classic. The tourism, attire and cuisines of the State are also uncommon and unique. The prime aim and main objective of the Foundation is to project, promote, propagate and popularise the Fragrances of Odisha and the fortitude of Odias in International arena. The Vande Utkal Foundation stands to highlight the solemnity of Odisha’s soil, serenity of her soul and somberness of her legacy. Shri Jagannath or the Lord of the Universe is the presiding deity of Odisha. Jagannath cult and culture preaches the philosophy of mutual respect and acceptance of all religions, races and faiths, ‘Sarba Dharma Samanwaya’ and ‘Basudhaiva Kutumbakam’, means whole world is one family. The Foundation is committed to unite Odias Diaspora worldwide and to spread the message of love, peace, harmony, understanding, tolerance and co – existence among them and in the society at large. Started on 1st January 2020, the Foundation had organised the first ever International Pravasi Odia Web Convention on 26th May 2020 with the collaboration of Pravasi Odia Associations. The Founder Chairman of the Foundation is eminent Journalist Kishore Dwibedi. Our Chairman Shri Dwibedi hosted an International Webinar on child martyr Baji Rout on his 83rd Martyrdom day on 11th October 2020. Shri Dwibedi was also the Co – host during the Inauguration of Essar Systems and Gurukul Education on 25th October 2020, where students from all over the Earth will be taught Odia Language and Curriculum by online classes free of cost.

The Intellects, India

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