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Alisha Behera

Alisha Behera

Moscow, Russia

Alisha Behera is currently a 2nd year Law student at Queen Mary University of London. At Law school, she is the Marketing Officer of the OLS, Communications Officer and Editor-in-Chief of QM FinTech and a member of the Bollywood Dance Society and the Indian Society. She is also a member of the national board of ELSA United Kingdom as the Director for Drafting. Outside of school, she’s a trained Odissi dancer and enjoys boxing. She loves making puns and although this might sound corny, she likes to believe that she’s a-maize-ing at them. When she’s not overwhelmed with her law assignments, she enjoys singing, dancing, reading, writing, baking, going out with her friends and thanks to Covid-19, she’s an expert in binge-watching shows exceptionally fast! She has been told that she can continue a conversation that has been long dead and shoved down in a grave and this quarantine has made her realise that she’s extremely good at writing about herself in a socially appealing albeit narcissistic manner.

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