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Health & Wellness Announcement

Preparation for the Seminar on Dec 27

The Global Health and Wellness team is created to meet for the seminar at the Global Odia Mahotsav 2020 hosted by The Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA) by forming a network of the Odia physicians around the world. Along with serving humanity, the team is working feverishly to establish a forum. The team met to brainstorm ideas for its presentation on December 27.

Through this presentation the team is going to provide an overview on various initiatives and recognize contributions from the diaspora in the field of healthcare. The team is going to layout their vision and roadmap for future in the session.

After the presentation the panelists of Specialist Physicians around the globe would be available to interact with the audience for Q&A. Beyond this event, the team is committed to serve the Global Odia Diaspora with various initiatives in the field of healthcare. 

This occasion is going to be blessed by our very own Shri Sam Pitroda, a visionary leader who brought telecom revolution in India and is known for many other entrepreneurial initiatives. He is going to be part of the round table discussion around the topic “Latest revolutionary updates from India’s Healthcare system and the vision ahead”.

National award winning movie director Shri Nila Madhab Panda and Odia movie superstar Shri Sabyasachi Mishra are going to join the seminar.

Global Captains of Health and Wellness Team 

  • USA : Dr. Sangita Pradhan

  • Ireland : Dr. Anant Mohapatra

  • Mauritius – Dr. Anuj Srivastava

  • India : Dr. Ashok Choudhury

  • Australia : Dr. Mitali Das

  • UK : Dr. Rabin Mohanty

  • UAE : Dr. Chandra Sekhar Khuntia

  • Malaysia : Dr. Srijit Das

  • New Zealand: Dr. Pitabas Mishra

  • Singapore – Dr. Sucharita Mohanty

  • Belgium- Dr. Vivek Samal

  • Myanmar – Dr. Sital lunar Palbabu

  • Thailand – Dr. Adrish Brahmadutta

  • Global Anchor : Dr. Devashish Ray, Chairman, The Odisha Society of the Americas – Health and Wellness Group

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