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Odisha Development Forum – Annoucement

Odisha Development Forum Solicits Ideas

Call for entries in “Idea Exchange/Community Catalog”

Deadline: December 11th, 2020
Link: https://bit.ly/GlobalOdishaForum

A Global Odisha Event will be organized during December 26-27 and prior to that a Global Odisha Development Forum will be organized on December 19th. A summary of the December 19th event will be presented on December 26th. In the past several Odisha development forums have been organized as part of various Odia organizations across the world, including by the Odisha Society of the Americas. In these forum various initiatives and activities have been discussed and championed.

This time our goal will be to create an infrastructure that will allow continuity of efforts and allow collaboration around the world. As part of that we would like to create an Idea Exchange/Community Catalog of various Odisha development ideas and initiatives championed and pursued by various groups around the world. This is a call for entries for this Idea Exchange/Community Catalog.

Please submit your entries by December 11th at https://bit.ly/GlobalOdishaForum

Each entry will be about an Odisha development activity that an individual or a group is doing or would like to do and would like others to know or be part of it.

Following are examples of some Odisha Development activities that groups in USA are involved in or have shown interest in:

  • Establishment of World class museum in Puri related to Lord Jagannath
  • Movement to create a BHU type multi-disciplinary central university in Puri
  • A campaign to attract HiTech Companies to Odisha
  • A campaign to promote Tourism in Odisha
  • Promoting ML and AI among Odias
  • Creating Libraries across Odisha

Based on the entries received we will create sub-groups and have discussions on December 19th and a summary of that will be presented on December 26th. An electronic forum will be created where these ideas and collaborations will continue.

Main Organizers of this:

Prof. Chitta Baral, Professor, Arizona State University, USA

Smt. Kuku Das, President, Odisha Society of the Americas

Prof. Anil Patnaik, VP, Odisha Society of the Americas

Shri Utkal Nayak, Treasurer, Odisha Society of the Americas

6 thoughts on “Odisha Development Forum – Annoucement

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      Best wishes on OSA-Odisha Development new initiatives.

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      I am interested to participate and give my innovative idea on ETHNIC TOURISM

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      I am an Anthropologist having 30 years of Tribal Research experience ang my belief is Ethnic Tourism is having tremendous potential in Odisha as Odisha is having 62 tribal communities with diverse cultures.

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      Any one of the above program is great and worthwhile. They require a lot of money and energy. We do not have that . However, those who are interested in any of those specific programs could work for them. My concern is about mostly ordinary folks who have limited education and limited ideas about the world outside their immediate world. There are young men and women looking for jobs. In spite of promises from successive governments to create jobs for them they remain unemployed in a very large number. They need help in getting ideas to create jobs for themselves. By reaching out to half-educated , unemployed youth through seminars and conferences at their level, we could help solve a very big problem.
      China is where it is now because it gave priority to providing employment to the people at the lower level. I would like to see a forum working to train unemployed youth of Odisha with ideas to get employed at their skill ( education and industry) level.
      Anadi Naik

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