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Meet Organizing Team Members

Dr. Anil Patnaik

Dr. Anil Patnaik

Vice President, The Odisha Society of the Americas

Anil is an inspiring, entrepreneurial and highly dedicated community leader, apart from being a successful scientist. He has proven his organizational abilities and dedication to OSA by serving as Co-Convener at Columbus Convention in 2014, and President of OSA-Ohio chapter from 2014-2018. With his leadership in last four years Ohio has become a vibrant OSA chapter; most notable achievements are: Ohio-Odias are grown from about 70 families to 200+ families; organized 3 events per year (each with separate focus: youth, cultural and outdoor), two RDFs, and hosted invited artists from Odisha. He has served in OSA’s higher education and convention guideline committees. He is passionate in singing and an enthusiastic dramatist. He regularly participates in many RDFs, and local musical programs. He is leading a noble effort to build a million-dollar youth cultural center at Dayton for a Sunday school called Youth Group for Indian Culture.

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